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Hanna is an artist born in 1999 in Grenada, MS, and raised in Baltimore, MD. She currently resides in Dallas, TX. She graduated from Dulaney High School in 2017, and received her BFA with a minor in marketing from Mississippi State University in April of 2021. 

Hanna's passion for art has always been a part of her, and in 2016 she fell even more in love with creating and felt led to further pursue the field with guidance from her mentor, Jim Kuhlman. Hanna's current focus is in the realistic style of art, and her work is centered on wildlife as well as portraiture. She predominately creates graphite drawings on paper, which is her favorite medium. 

Over the years, Hanna has been fortunate to have been a part of gallery exhibitions and received several awards for her artwork, notably "Best in Show" from the Starkville Area Arts Council in 2020, as well as a top portfolio scholarship from Mississippi State. She was also selected to design and implement a four-wall mural at MSU in 2020, completing it in 2021. 

As she continues to advance her technical skill set, Hanna aims to combine her love for people, nature, and the pencil through thoughtful and captivating compositions that "draw" the viewer in. 



Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my page. Since you're here, I want to share with you a little bit more about my work. My intention as an artist is to tell stories through my creations without the need for words. For me personally, people and the natural world have been my greatest inspirations for my drawings. I continually admire God's handiwork that is evident down to the smallest details in creation. Graphite is my main medium of choice, as its delicate and precise nature allows me to render forms realistically, down to the last detail. Drawing is art at its purest - no bells and whistles - just an artist, a tool, and limitless potential. Every time I sit down to draw, I find myself "in my own world" as I take inspiration from this world. My ultimate goal is to express through technique what is on my heart and mind: the endless wonder of creation that gives us a small glimpse of Our Creator's glory. 

It is an honor to share my art and my journey with you.

From the heart,

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